Mpos and hardware station

Hi folks, I was testing the hardware integration with Mpos and was surprised with the cool feature of hardware station.

Mpos can work with hardware in two different ways, local hardware station or the web based hardware station. Let me tell you first about web based hardware station. It is typical MVC web api application which is hosted on IIS. Mpos uses ajax calls to communicate with this form of hardware station.

This can be configured in ax.
1. Click Retail > Setup > Retail scheduler > Channel integration
2. Click channel profile.
3. Enter the value of hardware station website url.


Now coming to the other form of hardware station, the local version. It works with Client Broker. Client broker, when requested by Mpos, hosts the hardware station on a local Http Server. This local form can be accessed by using hardware station url as “ipc://localhost”.

This can be configured in same way.


Coming to coding aspect, same code is used for both form of hardware station. Any customization will work with both forms of hardware station, without writing any specific code for any one form of hardware station.

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