Mpos Island mode

Hi all, you might be thinking why this strange name, but this is the new feature of Mpos in AX 2012 R3 CU8 onwards which allows it to directly connect to channel database like Epos does. This can be seen from the Mpos connection status in below image. The left one is Island mode and the right one is retail server mode.


In CU8 onwards, Mpos can now work in following scenarios:

  1. Retail Server Only
  2. Retail Server + Offline DB
  3. Online Database Only (Or Island mode)
  4. Online Database + Offline DB

The device activation page for scenarios 1 and 3 are as following.


To make Mpos work in island mode, some changes are done in “Retail Channel Configuration Utility”, which allow it to connect to channel database directly. A new section “Configure Retail Modern POS” is added to it.


The architecture followed by Mpos in both the scenarios are as followed.

  1. Retail Server mode08
  2. Island mode09
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